How I work with you



Private classes in your own home or Wimbledon, London.  Starting with a free consultation we will assess your dynamic posture and habitual patterns ie walking, reaching, bending; enabling me to deliver an experience that will lead to improved movement

Classes: £70 per hour

Sense: a six session tailored programme including free consultation enabling you to learn to overcome pain and tension as you become your own expert, with  free movement and true relaxation

Programme: £350

Group Classes & Workshops

ATM group class on Tuesdays 10am to 11am. The Lingfield Room, Wimbledon Village Hall, 

26 Lingfield Road, SW19 4QD - Pre booking is essential to secure your place -

2-3 day introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness through Movement (ATM)

1 day 'Delve Deep'  based on specific movement functions eg flexing, side bending, rotating or themes eg feet, shoulders, pelvis


UK & International collaborations with like-minded experts focusing on transformational well-being practices



"Wow, this treatment was not what I expected. Miniscual movements with amazing results! 

Paola made me feel relaxed from the beginning. Her knowledge and expertise of the body and how it works was obvious from the start. After each treatment I had a more heightened awareness of my body, I was calmer and more relaxed ( all side effects of the treatment). My body seemed to flow more freely. My knee pain subsided and hasn't returned. "

Dee M, Reflexologist, London

"Paola is a fabulous practitioner. Her work creates immediate and sustained impact, I’d recommend her to anyone. She is intuitive and knowledgeable, compassionate and generous, plus she’s super fun:) 

Paola provides an important piece to the evolutionary journey, assisting people in deep physical healing and allowing entrance to a life of more ease"

Elizabeth C, Contemporary Shaman, USA

"Paola’s treatment was an incredible experience that completely differentiated mentally and physically from all other sessions that I have done for my shoulders (with osteopaths, physiotherapists and acupuncturists). 

Her unique outlook on the way in which the body works provided me with a new-found knowledge and understanding of the ways that I am to conduct and care for myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone for she is a soul to suit the thousands! "

Isabella B, Student, London

"I have worked alongside Paola in the Pilates, Feldenkrais & Franklin methods for many years. She is committed to always question, to feel, to explore and never takes anything as 'law' until it makes complete sense in her own body. For these reasons Paola is an exceptional teacher who deeply understands how all the different systems of the body fit together to create whole body health.

What's more, she gets the individual to sense these feelings of healthy movement for themselves, whether simple or highly complex, with a teaching style that is focused, humorous  and inspirational"

Polly B, Pilates Teacher, London